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Wise Square

Specify only one side of the dimension and get a square.

Both Sides

Specify both lengths of the dimension to cut image to your taste.

Add Flavor

Now, change colors on the fly, call it 'zonal color markings'?


Describe what each image is supposed to mean or do

What is Django Hold It?

Django Hold It is similar to - serving dummy images, but different in other ways. Django Hold It makes offline image serving as simple as possible, avoiding lengthy installations or cumbersome setup steps.

For Example

Are you wondering of how to put a dummy image server to use for quick UI scaffolding?

The Profit?

You win a lot using Django Hold It, as long as it is for the best use case (see below)

  • Easy and simple to grab and use
  • No coding skills required. Just run and profit
  • No reliance on language, requests are served via http
  • No installations required
  • 100% offline, which means...
  • Blazingly Fast, with tons of customizations
  • Also accessible online, on any device
Last updated: June 2016